Spare tire on MINI Cooper

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I thought it would be a good idea to practice changing the tire on the MINI when it's nice, cool and sunny. I have run-flat tires, and the salesman told me that I wouldn't have a spare, but there it is!

Preparing for removal.

Lift up the rug, and there's the tool kit. (Pepsi not included)

Tool kit removed, Nut holding a cover plate.

Removing the cover plate.

Cover plate removed. Strange wire-spring clip.

Attaching the lowering rod.

Hold the rod and press in the wire clips and the tire drops to the ground.

The wheel sitting on the garage floor.

The wheel removed from the carrier plate.

Changing the tire..

Tire diameter comparison.

Tire width comparison.

Tire pressure 53 PSI. MAX 60 PSI.

Removing the wheel.

The car jacked up.

This is not going to work, let's see what's in the tool kit.

Goodie, a tool!

Goes in like this:

And we're in business. Look at that rust!


A wheel chock even!!

The complete toolkit.